1. LYKKE LI (at Crystal Ballroom)

  2. Being sick in bed isn’t the absolute worst when you’ve got new books & a man as sweet as mine.

  3. Into the woods with my people. (at Lacamas Creek Trail)

  4. It’s a day for this. (at Old Salt Marketplace)

  5. A close up of @kelllylynnn during our shoot for @blueamericavintage today. 🌙✌️💜

  6. Shot part 1 of 2 for @blueamericavintage today. ✌️🌀🌙🌞

  7. Doncha’ just love when your day starts with a coffee date with a good friend? ☕️☕️ (at Case Study Coffee)

  8. Saint Johns|Our Place ✨#filmisnotdead

  9. The boys are gone, so us ladies had an afternoon of girly leisure & it was great. @sarahcerney & I sipped champagne with rose & elderflower lemonade, listened to records, ate strawbs, & shot some images in her adorable apartment.

  10. You know when you a jam-packed creative day planned…& everything just happens to fall through? Well, that’s me today, so I’m going to sip on my #yourtea & bust my camera out anyway! #tinyteatox


  11. Anonymous said: You should consider checking out the tree houses in Snoqualmie, WA! They are really amazing and such a cool, rustic spot to stay for a weekend.

    thanks for the tip! 

  12. Here’s another 📷 of @kelllylynnn from the other day. 💜

  13. ☁️…

  14. 💭💣🔫💜😈 @kelllylynnn

  15. ✨🌿